IF there’s one thing Malaysians had in common growing up with strict parents was the fear of being canned. I know folks who still quiver when their parents raise their hands.

In a TikTok video posted by @zatyqaderr, a police sergeant’s demonstration of using a cane on convicts appears to warn the young visitors.

Zaty and other parents took their children to the Malacca Prison Museum, unaware that the Abang Polis had other plans.

This time, the Abang Polis decided to tell the youngsters about their punishment if they continued to be disrespectful at home: the cane.

The video began with him “reminding” a little girl about playing too many computer games at home, and Zaty’s kid was already turned off by the scenario.

“Still want to play phone at home?” Abang Polis questioned the terrified child.

All of a sudden, the boy’s facial expression shifted as anxiety and concern set in.

When the Abang Polis suddenly approached him with his cane, Zaty’s son wailed and sought refuge behind his father, while the other children stared in dread.

Of course, the Abang Polis was not going to beat the kids, but his powerful, aggressive presence with his cane was enough to instil terror in them.

Doesn’t this remind you of when you were too innocent to believe it? What was the strangest thing your parents ever use to hit you?

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