MANY have dubbed claw machines a “scam” as customers would need fork out a ton of money but still not get the coveted item in the machine.

Recently, a man was said to have cheated during a claw machine game, as alleged by the store owner.

China Press reported that the man had shaken the claw machine while the claw was hooked onto the merchandise to get it to fall into the hole.

According to the store’s security footage, it was shown that the incident took place at 8.40pm on Feb 15. In the video, the man put some coins in the machine and then began to play as usual.

After he managed to snag an item, he then shook the claw machine to get the item to fall into the slot in order for him to get the item. He then played for two more times, losing only once.

This enraged the store owner upon discovering the customer’s misdeeds and decided to expose him on social media, stating that the players should “afford to lose” when playing the game.

Netizens were divided on the topic, with many dissatisfied with how claw machines are said to be rigged by the store owners when the claw itself automatically releases the merchandise before the player hits the release button.

Some, however, sided with the store owner and suggested that they report the incident to the police but others countered that the customer had already paid through the coins inserted in the machine.

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