Malaysian tourists are abuzz about Thailand’s cannabis laced drinks readily available at convenience stores priced as low as RM2.

Sinar Harian’s report today said that the beverages were sold in bottle form with designs meant to attract youths. A convenience store staff said that customers describe the beverages as ‘sedap’ (delicious) with a dizzying and slight mind altering side effects.

“Customers usually buy more than five bottles. Mostly males... Apart from locals, there are a lot of Malaysian customers over the weekend,” the staff said adding that he had never consumed the drink before.

A Malaysian tourist at Golok expressed their worry regarding the cannabis laced drink being openly sold could be mistaken for a regular soft drink by unaware tourists.

To boot, various local experts weighed in on the popular beverage and its impact on Malaysians who consume it.

Medical expert Dr Abu Hasan Samad advised against drinking the product as it is part of an unregulated industry and may result in manufacturers adding extra additives and added that cannabis consumption can lead to psychomotor impairment.

Not only that, independent criminologist Shahul Hamid Abdul Rahim sternly warned against trying the beverages as to prevent violating the law which dictates that a positive result in drug test falls under the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 that results in a fine up to RM 5,000 and a two year jail term or both.

Critics of this rule such as lawyer Samantha Chong affirms that these checks are unnecessary as drug usage was not an extra-territorial offence also mentioning that random drug tests are expensive.

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