WITH MENSTRUATION, comes good personal hygiene which is one basic fact everyone has learnt pertaining to having periods and properly disposing pads or tampons is crucial in keeping one’s surroundings clean as well.

Recently, it has been reported that residents of a luxury condominium have been plagued with discarded used pads thrown out of one of the resident’s window.

The Kuala Lumpur Reporter posted the incident on Twitter showing images of used pads being littered at the Kuala Lumpur condominium’s premises especially near other residents’ balconies.

“The residents at a high end condominium in KL are at their wit’s end over the menstrual pads that are being thrown out of the window and landing on neighbours’ floors.

“The issue has been going on for a year and the condominium’s management has not been able to catch the culprit/culprits,” they said in their post.

Condoms and diapers have been found littered at the condominium premises as well.

Netizens have condemned the vile acts of the perpetrator.

“High end living with low class mentality. Disgusting,” a netizen chimed in.

“This is so disgusting. They are only bringing down women’s image,” a netizen said.

“Money really can’t buy manners and hygiene,” another netizen pointed out.

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