EVEN with Mother’s Day being over, there are plenty of people willing to keep their mother’s memory alive on a day where a mother’s love and sacrifice is commemorated, highlighting the significance of a mother’s role in society.

A woman recently gained traction online for her contribution on Mother’s Day, handing out flowers with her friends to random people at a shopping mall in Damansara, Selangor, in memory of her late mother.

In a report by Wau Post, Leah said that the beautiful gesture of handing out flowers started when she used to send flowers to her mother’s office when she was still alive but after her mother lost her battle to cancer, Leah decided to continue with her tradition.

“I’m grateful to be able to spread positivity and love while brightening people’s day”, she said.

She also noted that the shopping mall’s management had approved of her activity. Not only that, her Mother’s Day gesture of handing out flowers has been ongoing for more than a decade.

“It would’ve been our 11th year doing this but due to the pandemic we had to put our plans on hold for 2 years,” she clarified.

Leah added that she would handcraft the packaging for the flowers herself and buy the flowers herself. After the flowers are prepared, she would then distribute it to her friends who will help give different people in the mall, to which she was very thankful for their help throughout the years.

“I’d like to give my friends a shout out and tell them that I appreciate them for always doing this with me for the past decade”, she said.