AFTER actor Jonathan Majors was shockingly accused of domestic assault early Saturday morning, his attorney has claimed that the woman who made the accusation has recanted her allegations.

Attorney Priya Chaudhry told the Los Angeles Times that her team has obtained “two written statements from the woman recanting these allegations”.

The rising movie star, poised to lead the multibillion Marvel film franchise in future films as a supervillain, was arrested in New York on charges of strangulation, assault and harassment.

According to police, Majors was taken into custody after officers responded to a 911 call from a New York City apartment building on Saturday morning.

The New York City Police Department said in a statement that Majors was involved in a “domestic dispute” with a 30-year-old woman who told police she was assaulted.

The woman was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries to her head and neck. She was last reported to be “in stable condition” on Sunday morning.

Majors’ team said they are “quickly gathering and presenting evidence” – including video footage from “the vehicle where this episode took place”, said to be a taxi, and testimony from witnesses – to the district attorney and expect the charges to be dropped soon.

In a new twist following reports of the alleged assault, two directors have taken to social media to speak out about their experiences with Majors.

Filmmaker A.B. Allen took to Twitter by retweeting an old tweet where he insinuated Majors is a “vicious, cruel and abusive human being”.

The other director is Broadway veteran Tim Nicolai, who claimed Majors’ is “a sociopath and abuser”, adding “that is how virtually everyone speaks about him”.

Additionally, in the wake of Majors' arrest, the United States military has pulled a pair of advertisements for the Army featuring the action hero.

A representative for the U.S. Armed Forces told the Los Angeles Times on Sunday in a statement that the Army is “deeply concerned about the allegations.”

Majors, who starred in the recent Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Creed III, is scheduled to appear in court on May 8.