KING Kong by Starship, the agency representing actress Song Ha-yoon, has denied that the actress is a bully and recent allegations of school violence by JTBC’s Crime Chief on Monday. Song was alleged to have bullied a rising actress “S” who portrayed a villainous character in a recent drama.

In its statement, King Kong by Starship acknowledges the gravity of the situation and expresses its commitment to uncovering the truth. Upon receiving the initial report, it promptly reached out to the informant to verify the allegations.

Despite efforts to arrange a meeting and further clarification through messaging apps, the informant’s side declined, and subsequent attempts to establish contact via phone were met with silence.

Following this, the agency conducted an internal investigation, consulting Song directly. The actress confirmed that the allegations were baseless and that she has no association with the informant.

However, the unilateral claims made by the informant continue to fuel unfounded speculation in various online communities.

In light of this, King Kong by Starship urges the public and media outlets to exercise restraint and refrain from spreading speculative reports and unverified information regarding this matter.

The detailed response aims to clarify the situation and defend Song against the false accusations, emphasising the need for responsible reporting and respect for due process.

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