PENANG is renowned for its architecture and gastronomic delights, making it a must-visit destination on the tourist map.

These intricate attractions have drawn leading whisky brand Johnnie Walker to showcase the historic state together with its premium Blue Label mix, in a quest to mark the finer things in life.

Guests from throughout Malaysia and Singapore as well as Penang arrived for a sit-down at one of the oldest cinema buildings in Malaysia – the Majestic Theatre – to sample the whisky and food while toasting to the rare blend of Johnnie Walker and the background of Penang.

In collaboration with Johnnie Walker, London-based illustrator Shan Jiang has crafted a bespoke bottle and pack illustrations to celebrate the rare side of Malaysia through a beautiful Johnnie Walker Blue Label limited-edition Penang design.

This limited-edition pack celebrates the rare character of the historic state of Penang in Malaysia, showcasing the rich blend of Malaysian and Chinese cultures that influence this vibrant and colourful metropolis, weaving together depictions of the Unesco World Heritage sites of Penang.

The majestic Dragon Dance, recognised as an emblem of Penang, was featured prominently on three facets of the iconic square bottle of Johnnie Walker.

Aside from the Dragon Dance, the design also features the Kek Lok Si Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia, to showcase the architectural beauty of Penang.

Meanwhile, the striking red lanterns in the design are a cultural icon of the Malaysian Chinese.

Johnnie Walker and illustrator Jiang have brought this incredible part of the world to life in a unique way, creating the perfect gift for those who walk with you.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s rolling waves of flavours are reflected in the smooth, flowing and complementary shaping of the design.

Hazelnuts, honey, sherry and oranges tumble in first before releasing hidden secrets like ginger, kumquats, sandalwood and dark chocolate.

Honey sweetness emerges, accompanied by hints of pepper and dried fruits, before an impossible long, lingering, smooth finish of perfectly balanced, soft smoke.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label was created in 1992 and prior to that was known as Johnnie Walker Oldest.

Only one in 10,000 casks of perfectly-aged rare whiskies in Johnnie Walker’s reserves have the quality, character and flavour to make it into this whisky.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label is intricately crafted in small batches by master blender Jim Beveridge and his team of 12 expert whisky masters who, between them, have over 150 years of whisky-making experience.

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label limited-edition Penang design is priced at RM968.

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