ACTING is one of the most sought-after jobs nowadays. But few people possess the ability and motivation necessary to succeed in that field of work. Many people want the job because of fame and money, while some people want to perform.

One spends a lot of time thinking about the day they can finally walk onto a set as an actor seeking to break into the world of TV or film. But what actually transpires there, and how do you handle yourself properly both on and off camera?

theSun recently spoke with aspiring actor Sharmendran Raghonathan on his experience as a newcomer to the industry. Sharmendran recently made his small screen debut as Barath in local Tamil-language series Veera. The 30-year-old professional karate fighter has competed in the Sea Games three times and earned two Asian medals.

$!Sharmendran plays Barath, the younger brother of series protagonist Veera, plyed by Theeban G. |– INSTAGRAM/@phoenixfilms_my

However, he always wanted to look forward to doing something outside of his comfort zone. So, as soon as he heard about this acting opportunity, he seized it without delay.

He explained: “I believed it was wise to attempt something outside of my comfort zone.”

As an athlete, he said that the captivating plot of the martial arts series and its various fight sequences made him even more enthusiastic about the entire project.Sharmendran said that making the transition from an athlete to an actor was not as simple as it sounds, because it required a lot of hard work and dedication. However, he did feel as though this was a great chance for him to explore what he really wanted in life. In fact, he mentioned that this could be the start of a new career path.

$!Sharmendran’s key to success is consistency, hard effort, and doing things with passion. – INSTAGRAM/@SHARMENDRAN

He said: “I was rather startled by this, as it’s new to me, but I absolutely want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

“Honestly, I simply wanted to give it a shot, but now I’m genuinely motivated to pursue acting and see what more this field has in store for me.”

He was fortunate to have a few assistant directors to help him develop his acting abilities when he initially accepted the offer. With the support of the thoughtful people around him, Sharmendran found it possible to complete this project.

Of course, Sharmendran’s journey was especially challenging, because, as he said: “I lack acting expertise and experience, I faced various hurdles.” But being a quick learner, Sharmendran quickly assessed the situation and made necessary adjustments to ensure the success of the shoot. He said that he did not want the shoot to be prolonged as a result of his errors.

$!A still of Sharmendran and Hari Varsan from the Veera series’ set. – INSTAGRAM/@phoenixfilms_my

For Sharmendran, having to repeatedly perform the fight sequences while continuously practising them for improvement was probably the most difficult aspect.

In Veera, Sharmendran plays Barath, the younger brother of the eponymous Veera, played by fellow mastial artist-turned-actor Theeban G (Paskal, Special Force: Anarchy). He said that he admires Theeban greatly, and expressed that he was glad that Theeban was around to guide him and give him advice along the way because he had experience in the field.

Sharmendran also made sure to consult his friends who work in the field to obtain their thoughts. “I was careful to heed their advice and took it seriously when I was acting.” Since this is his first television series, I questioned him about how he would respond to any negative remarks about his acting.

He stated: “I have no power over negative reviews. So I would simply disregard them. I like to concentrate on things I can have some control over.”

$!Veera is inspired by the true life story of a Malaysian boxer in the 1950s. – INSTAGRAM/@phoenixfilms_my

Sharmendram also took the opportunity to express his gratitude towards his mother for always setting high standards for him to meet.

“I gained knowledge based on what I perceive, sense, and encounter,” he said.

In the future, he intends to appear in feature film projects after he has gained more experience as an actor, and wishes to take part in a variety of exciting work.

He also thanked his fans for standing by him no matter what.

He said: “Countless supportive words were sent to us, and we much appreciate them. Veera needs your continued support. I also want my fans to keep supporting local content.”

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