Movie review: Polis Evo 2

IN THIS sequel to 2015’s Polis Evo, Inspector Sani (Zizan Razak), Inspector Khai (Shaheizy Sam) and their team are pursuing drug lord Riky Kumolo (Tanta Ginting) all the way to a remote island.

There, the team discovers extremist religious leader Hafsyam Jauhari (Hasnul Rahmat) and his vicious cult members have invaded the island and taken the inhabitants hostage, demanding a ransom from the government. Our heroes have to use their wits to save everyone.

It cannot be denied that Polis Evo 2 is far superior to Polis Evo in almost every aspect – better production value, more impressive action scenes, and intense performances from the cast.

It is difficult to dislike Polis Evo 2. However, I prefer the original to the sequel.

I believe the directors have forgotten the one important element that made Polis Evo a success in the first place – the chemistry between Khai and Sani.

In the sequel, the directors did not explore their friendship further, nor tried to enhance the chemistry between them. In fact, Khai and Sani spend most of the film apart, which is not a brilliant idea.

The directors paid too much attention to the production and action scenes, that they forgot about the human relationships.

The movie also has too many plot holes.

For example, when Hafsyam discovers two police spies among his group, he strangely only chooses to kill one of them, while letting the other live.

But why? What is his motivation? Anyone in Hafsyam’s shoes would have killed both of the spies instantly, and without mercy.

There are other glaring plot holes, but revealing them will only spoil your fun.

My other complaint concerns former beauty queen Erra Fazira, who plays high-ranking police officer Datuk Azizat.

She is woefully miscast, and looks rather like a woman who is trying to sell the audience make-up, rather than a police officer who has a crisis in her hand. She failed to get under the skin of her character.

Please do not get me wrong. Polis Evo 2 is not a terrible film to spend your time on.

There are some wonderful moments in the film, especially the action scenes that will turn your head in amazement, and the efforts of Hasnul, whose maniacal performance as the evil religious leader will send chills down your spine.