Second instalment depicts harmonies of heartbreak and healing

THE much-anticipated instalment in the Soundtrack series, Soundtrack #2, is poised to entertain audiences with its emotional depth and captivating narrative. theSun had the exclusive opportunity to delve into the heart of this musical tale, connecting with the director and talented cast who brought this story to life.

A symphony of lost love

Soundtrack #2 is a poignant exploration of lost love, serendipity and the prospect of second chances. At its core, the series follows the intertwined destinies of Do Hyeonseo, a piano prodigy and Ji Suho, a dreamer enchanted by online videos. The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of their college romance, a dream to hike Europe’s Camino de Santiago and an abrupt breakup that shattered their shared aspirations.

Years later, Suho has transformed into a successful CEO, driven by heartbreak and a passion for creativity. The series takes an unexpected turn as Suho, grappling with the consequences of his success, collapses in his office. The diagnosis reveals stress and exhaustion, prompting a journey of healing and self-discovery.

Simultaneously, Hyeonseo’s life takes on a different trajectory. Faced with the harsh realities of adulthood, she takes on odd jobs to make ends meet. The series weaves a compelling narrative as fate reunites Hyeonseo and Suho, forcing them to confront the unresolved emotions of their past.

$!Official still of Soundtrack #2 starring Sae-rok and Sang-hyun. – TWITTER

The director’s vision

In an exclusive interview, the director shares insights into the creation of Soundtrack #2. Collaborating with respected colleague Choi Jungkyu, the director aimed to craft a story that seamlessly blended romance, comedy and exceptional music. Drawing comparisons to the first instalment, the director expresses confidence that fans of Soundtrack #1 will find equal delight in the new series.

Reflecting on the casting process, the director applauds the nuanced performance of Keum Sae-rok in The Interest of Love and the memorable presence of Noh Sang-hyun in Pachinko. Sohn Jeong-hyuck, in his debut acting role, impressed the director with his creativity. The cast’s passion and camaraderie on set proved to be an inspiration for the entire production crew.

In the spotlight - the cast’s perspective

Sae-rok, portraying Hyeonseo, unveils the layers of her character. Hyeonseo, a pianist who had to relinquish her dream of becoming a concert pianist, embodies resilience in the face of adversity. Sae-rok delves into the challenges of preparing for the role, including the daunting task of learning to play the piano from scratch. She candidly shares the emotional connection she found in Hyeonseo’s journey, particularly in scenes that resonated with her own experiences.

Sang-hyun, stepping into his first romantic series, sheds light on the enjoyable experience of working on Soundtrack #2. The script’s engaging blend of realism and humour appealed to him, providing a stark contrast to his previous projects. He emphasises the joyous atmosphere on set, marked by laughter and camaraderie.

$!Jeong-Hyuck plays the character ‘K’ in Soundtrack #2 . – TWITTER

Jeong-hyuck, playing the character “K”, brings a fresh perspective to the series as an enthusiastic and optimistic college student. In his first-ever acting role, the actor shares the challenges of learning to play the guitar for the character, a task made more demanding by his previous unfamiliarity with the instrument. He discusses the transformative experience of infusing his musical talents into the series, particularly in the creation of the song Da Capo.

Jeong-hyuck’s involvement in creating music for the series adds a unique layer to Soundtrack #2. The song Da Capo, originally conceived as The Next One, became a symbolic reflection of the characters’ journey back to the beginning. Jeong-hyuck shares the evolution of the song, intertwining it with the characters’ emotional arcs and the overarching narrative of returning to one’s roots.

Anticipating the symphony

As the series approaches its release, Sae-rok expresses her excitement for Soundtrack #2. Drawing parallels with the resonant impact of Soundtrack #1, she anticipates a more realistic exploration of complex emotions in the new season. The inclusion of original music by Jeong-hyuck further adds to the anticipation, promising a visual and auditory feast for fans.

Soundtrack #2 emerges as a harmonious blend of heartbreak, healing and the redemptive power of music. The director’s vision, coupled with the stellar performances of the cast, promises an immersive experience for viewers. As audiences eagerly await the series premiere, the harmonies of Soundtrack #2 resonate as a testament to the enduring allure of love and the healing balm of music in the face of life’s tumultuous journey.