Theatresauce collaborates with Howls Theatre Co. on its upcoming fourth production, KAKUREGA.

When escaping offers little respite

FOLLOWING the success of Mia Sabrina Mahadir’s Saturn Return, Theatresauce is set to captivate audiences once again with its latest offering, an immersive and participatory project called KAKUREGA, meaning “hideout” in Japanese.

Directed by Murasaki Haru, this production delves into the anxieties faced by artists as they navigate the pressures of creativity. KAKUREGA is the fourth production in Theatresauce’s 2023 season and will take place at their headquarters in USJ 21, Subang Jaya.

KAKUREGA invites audiences into the world of four characters who find solace in their hideouts while grappling with their individual objectives. These artists reflect on their work, reevaluate their sense of purpose, confront their inner conflicts, and seek a way forward.

$!Delves into the psychological hideouts that keep artists sane while continuing their pursuits of artistic creation.

Unlike mere observers, the audience is actively encouraged to engage and participate in these hideouts. Murasaki hopes that the experience will provide a deeper understanding of the mental states of struggling artists.

Murasaki’s own struggles as a theatremaker inspired KAKUREGA. He often found himself torn between moments of intense creative expression and a complete mental block, leading him to isolate himself from the world. However, this self-imposed seclusion proved to be more destructive than constructive.

The director ponders the question: if non-artists seek refuge in the works of artists, where do artists go when they need an escape? Through KAKUREGA, he aims to gain clarity on this conundrum.

This production also serves as an opportunity for Murasaki to explore new theatrical forms and push the boundaries of what theatre can be, particularly in terms of audience immersion and participation.

$!KAKUREGA is a Japanese word that means “hideout.”

In KAKUREGA, food is served to the audience, and they are provided with materials to unleash their creative sides throughout the experience, but audience members have the option to opt-out by informing the Front-of-House personnel. The production also incorporates spoken word, movement, lights, projections, sound, and costumes to transform the Theatresauce headquarters into various spatial dimensions.

Additionally, KAKUREGA brings together a talented ensemble of performers, including Phraveen Arikiah, Shufitri Shukardi, Samuel Tin, and John Wee. The scenography is handled by Bryan Chang from Sans Collective, while Abner Goh and Jazzie Lee Jin Jye take charge of stage management. The production is managed by Chisa Tan. While Theatresauce presents KAKUREGA, a supplementary project showcasing visual artists’ hideouts is organised by Howls Theatre Co., where Murasaki serves as the Artistic Director.

KAKUREGA will run from July 19 to July 23 at Theatresauce HQ in USJ 21, with two performances each day at 8:30PM and 10:15PM. Standard tickets are priced at RM55, with a discounted rate of RM45 per ticket for a bulk purchase of four and RM35 per ticket for student bookings of 15 seats or more.

The 60-minute performance, without an intermission, is intended for mature audiences only. For further details and ticket purchases, please visit shows/kakurega.