TOKYO: The Japanese authorities have issued an evacuation order for more than 46,000 residents of the city of Nanjo in Japan’s southern prefecture of Okinawa as powerful Typhoon Mawar approaches, reported Sputnik.

People living in coastal areas, where a level four danger on a scale of five had been declared, were urged to evacuate to safe places, while a level three danger had been declared in the city, calling for the early evacuation of the elderly and people with limited opportunities, the NHK broadcaster reported on Thursday.

Extremely strong typhoon Mawar is currently off the coast of Okinawa. The pressure at the centre of the typhoon reaches 970 hectopascals, and winds top the speed of 30 metres per second (67 miles per hour), with gusts up to 45 metres per second.

The typhoon is expected to change its direction to the northeast and pass south of the main part of Japan in the next 24 hours. -Bernama