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MOSCOW: The Russian Defence Ministry announced on Friday an exchange of 75 prisoners of war with Ukraine.

The ministry said in a statement 75 Russian servicemen have been exchanged for 75 Ukrainian troops, who have already been transferred to Kyiv after mediation by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Anadolu Agency reported.

“The released (Russian) servicemen will be transported to Moscow by military transport aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces for treatment and rehabilitation,“ the ministry said.

“All those released are provided with the necessary medical and psychological assistance,“ it added.

The ministry praised the role of the UAE, saying the authorities provided “humanitarian mediation assistance”.

In a separate statement, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the exchange, pledging to continue working “to bring home everyone from Russian captivity”.

“And today, we have an important result, another 75 of our people have returned to Ukraine. Soldiers of the armed forces of Ukraine and the National Guard, border guards, four civilians – all of them are already in their native land,“ he wrote on Telegram.

He also thanked teams that work on war prisoners exchange. - Bernama, Anadolu