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MAKKAH: Six more Malaysian pilgrims died in the Holy Land, bringing the total number of deaths so far to 14, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Datuk Dr Mohd Na’im Mokhtar.

Mohd Na’im said all the pilgrims who died had time to perform wukuf worship and most of them died from heart disease, pneumonia and blood infection.

They are Bawi Solek, 75 from Kampung Hilir Pusa, Sarawak; Raksan Matasil, 74, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah; Madon Mohamed, 71, Masai, Johor; Roba’ayah Yusoff, 71, Beruas, Perak; Syed Abu Hassan Basri Syed Ahmad, 74, Sauk, Perak; Nik Noor Azlinna Noor Basir, 54, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

“The Saudi Arabian hospital and TH staff have helped the next of kin of the deceased here and informed their next of kin in Malaysia.

“On behalf of the TH management, i would like to express my condolences to the next of kin of pilgrims who died in Makkah and together we pray that their souls will be placed among those who do good deeds,“ he said in a press conference for the Hajj season 1445H/2024 at TH Headquarters here last night

At the same time, a total of 93 Malaysian pilgrims were being treated with 11 of them placed in Saudi Arabian Hospitals including two in critical condition at King AbdulAziz Hospital, while another 82 are at TH Makkah Treatment Centre.

He said most of the cases involved respiratory problems such as lung infections due to the hot and dry weather.

Meanwhile, Mohd Na’im also described this year’s Hajj operation as one of the most outstanding and congratulated TH management and staff who successfully played their roles in ensuring the welfare, safety and health of Malaysian pilgrims.

“Thank you also to the Malaysian pilgrims who are known for their discipline and knowledge, so much so that they have been talked about and praised by the government of Saudi Arabia... thank you to the authorities here for being patient and giving good cooperation to the staff.

“Although there were a few shortcomings, but in general this hajj journey was blessed with the help and commitment given by the pilgrims, causing the hajj operation this time to run smoothly and well,“ he said.

He did not deny that while in Mina, the pilgrims had to deal with scorching hot weather besides the limited tent space.

Apart from that, Mohd Na’im also expressed his appreciation to TH officers who were involved in the Ar-Rahman Guest Care Programme (Peneman) to help 50 elderly people who were identified as needing special help and guidance during the peak period of the Hajj in Masyair during the day.

“I was moved when some pilgrims involved in this companionship programme admitted that even their own children did not treat them as the Hajj officers did. So it is a sincere confession given by the pilgrims.

“I can say that the officers are the unsung heroes who play a very big role in ensuring that when the pilgrims return to Malaysia, they will tell the story of not only the efficient management of TH but also being moved by the kindness shown by the pilgrimage personnel,“ ​​he said.

In other developments, Mohd Na’im also informed that a post-mortem will be held to identify all forms of complaints received from Malaysian pilgrims, especially while in Masyair for improvements to the planning of the hajj season next year.

“The head of the Hajj delegation Datuk Seri Syed Saleh Syed Abdul Rahman and the TH management will inform the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia about the matters that were raised and hope that the journey of the Hajj management next year will be better,“ he said.