MOSCOW: Social network X, formerly known as Twitter, will collect biometrics information of its users only upon the individual’s consent, owner Elon Musk has said, reported Sputnik.

At the end of August, X announced it would soon begin collecting users’ biometrics data, as well as job and education history.

“This is entirely at the discretion of the X user. No use of this ID will be made beyond what is explicitly and clearly approved by the user,“ Musk said on X late Friday.

Musk bought then-Twitter for an estimated US$44 billion last October. Twitter Corporation ceased to exist as a separate company as a result of its merger with X Corp this April.

In late July, Twitter’s logo was changed from a blue bird to a black-and-white X logo. Musk specified that the new logo symbolised “the imperfections in us all that make us unique”. - Bernama

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