JAKARTA: Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia Datuk Syed Md Hasrin Tengku Hussin officiated the Ambassador’s Cup and led the Malaysia Day celebration during a significant gathering held in Padang, West Sumatra.

The cheerful ceremony was organised by dedicated members of the National Association of Malaysian Students in Indonesia (PKPMI) at Padang State University on Saturday.

In his address, Syed Md Hasrin expressed profound pride in the patriotic spirit displayed by Malaysian students, thereby promoting camaraderie between the students of the two countries.

“This spirit reflects the culture of collaboration and mutual support among Malaysian students and various agencies,” he said.

The Ambassador’s Cup, hosted by PKPMI, aims to realise the Ministry of Youth and Sports’ mission to promote holistic youth development and sports to fulfill the country’s aspirations.

With the cooperation of various parties, a spirit of sportsmanship can be fostered among Malaysian and Indonesian students through various sports and game activities, PKPMI noted in a statement.

Syed Md Hasrin was accompanied by the Malaysian Consul at the Consulate in Pekanbaru Mohammed Hosnie Shahiran Ismail and Malaysian Embassy’s First Secretary Ammil Afiq Jasimi.

Also present at the ceremony were UNP Vice Rector III for Student Affairs Prof Yohandri and Vice Rector IV for Cooperation and Information Systems Prof Dr Yasri.-Bernama

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