No benefit in turtle eggs

30 Jun 2014 / 20:10 H.

PULAU TIOMAN: Despite the fact that turtle eggs have no beneficial value, people in Sabah and Terengganu, especially the older generation are still downing it with delight.
Disclosing this at a conservation awareness talk at Berjaya Tioman Resorts recently, Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia (TCSM) co-founder Chen Pelf Nyok said these people continued to indulge in turtle eggs in the false belief that they have a high protein content, is good for the complexion and relieves asthma symptoms.
"These claims are unfounded as they were derived from myths and beliefs passed down through the generations and have no scientific backing. Hence, our biggest challenge is changing people's attitudes and mindset," she added.
Due to this, she said the battle to save turtle eggs still remains an uphill task.
"If we do not put a stop to it, the number of turtles, mainly the leatherback, green, Olive Ridley and hawksbill, that come to our shores to lay eggs, will greatly decrease. This is not the only danger as these turtles are also killed for their shell and meat which have high commercial value," she said.
Despite the challenges, TCSM will continue their research and conservation efforts, particularly for freshwater turtles.
"We currently lead two freshwater turtle research and conservation projects in Setiu and Kemaman rivers in Terengganu with the co-operation and support from the Wildlife and National Parks Department and the local communities," she said.
However, she said the public could help by supporting turtle conservation projects.
"I believe that if all of us were to adopt some of these measures, the next generation will be able to continue seeing these amazing creatures," she said.
The awareness talk, part of the environmental activities, was held by Berjaya Hotels and Resorts in conjunction with the annual Tioman World Ocean Day (TWOD) celebration.
Other environmental activities lined up are the dive clean-up by about 60 divers from Scuba People Singapore to remove as many sea debris and Crown of Thorns from sea beds as possible; the beach clean-up by the media and 40 schoolchildren from SK Tekek Tioman; a media update of Berjaya-Malaysia Nature Society Project ROAR (Restore Our Awesome Reefs) and Project ROOTs (Revisiting Our Original Trees) and a Turtle Conservation Workshop for Children conducted by Chen and co-facilitated by teen celebrity Fimie Don.

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