Satisfaction with every slurp

17 Dec 2014 / 10:04 H.

AT the quick pace the world is moving at, instant noodles are heaven sent. Especially when time is tight and one wants something hot, tasty and satisfying in the comforts of home or even the office.
The brand Mamee Chef, under Mamee-Double Decker Sdn Bhd, made its debut late in 2012. It created competition in the instant noodle industry not long after and was awarded the fastest growing new product in the market. Further into its development, the brand collaborated with the renowned Datuk Chef Ismail to come up with three new variants – Creamy Tom Yam, Curry Laksa and Spicy Chicken Shiitake.
Mamee Chef was also the first instant noodle brand to use condiments and a paste mix. It also applied the "Mi Tarik Technology" in manufacturing its noodles. This concept was adapted from China. It produces springier and smoother textured noodles for a tastier and more satisfying experience.
The success of Mamee Chef soon prompted Chef Ismail to come up with Mamee Chef Gold Recipe. Much research and development was carried out, examining some of the best local curries, considering the Malaysian penchant and palate for hot and spicy food.
"Mamee always looks forward to giving the best to our consumers and we appreciate all the feedback given to us," said Mamee-Double Decker CEO Tan Sri Pang Tee Chew. All feedback is relayed to Chef Ismail who came up with his own delectable recipes in the Gold Recipe selection. He uses selected ingredients and original spices for a more authentic feel and flavour.
Mamee Chef Gold Recipe delivers more satisfaction with every slurp. While its Mi Tarik Technology provides better texture, its Vermicelli is of the highest grades, imported from Thailand. Size-wise, Mamee Chef Gold Recipe comes in bigger packs than Mamee Chef. Net weight for its Mi Tarik variant is 94gm whereas its Vermicelli noodles come in 76gm packs.
Says Chef Ismail: "Mamee Chef Gold Recipe gives consumers the chance to cook ... depending on their taste buds. If they want their noodles more spicy, more 'kaw', the whole packet of paste can be used."
Mamee-Double Decker was a recipient in the Putra Brand Awards for innovation under the foodstuff category.

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