PETALING JAYA: Technology solutions provider Infomina Bhd aims to achieve exponential growth in the next couple of years by expanding into new territories in Asia and pursuing new areas within the technology industry.

In an interview with SunBiz, Infomina managing director Yee Chee Meng said he is confident that the company can leverage the untapped potential of the Asian market and establish itself as a major player in the technology industry.

“Our growth rate has been between 35% and 45% CAGR, but we are aiming to improve upon that this year. We don’t want to settle for single-digit growth, rather, we aspire to grow in a much more substantial way. That’s why we are exploring new territories and ventures within the technology industry,” he said.

Infomina currently has a customer base across multiple Asian markets, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, both in the private and public sectors.

“Over the past years that we have been in operation, we have been operating on our own financial means. We do not have gearing, it is almost close to zero. We do not have loans even until today,” he shared.

Yee said that Infomina’s direct private clients in Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore include almost all of the respective countries’ banks. Meanwhile, its customers in the local public sector include the Road Transport Department Malaysia, National Registration Department, Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia, and Tabung Haji.

Besides, he commented that Malaysia’s tech sector is ripe for growth, with foreign investment pouring in such as from Amazon Web Services in addition to local companies fostering close relationships with other global technology partners.

The key trends and emerging technologies likely to shape the future of Malaysia’s tech sector include artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT) as well as new applications such as remote robotic surgery using high-speed 5G.

“Infomina aims to be a partner to our clients in adopting these new technologies as our service, hybrid computing combining mainframe and cloud computing, can offer robust security and scalability for businesses.”

However, Yee commented that there are still hurdles to overcome for the local industry to reach its full potential.

“One key challenge is the need to accelerate technology adoption, particularly in rural areas where infrastructure and coverage remain inadequate. And talent management and development must be prioritised to ensure that skilled professionals are retained and brought back from overseas,” he said.

Its partnership with global technology provider Software AG announced earlier this month also marks a significant milestone for Malaysia’s technology landscape. This partnership is expected to bring significant change in the Malaysian tech industry, as Infomina continues to expand its reach and support to customers with the backing of Software AG’s technology solutions.

Last week, Infomina announced that it has received a purchase order worth US$5.4 million (RM23.9 million) from Philippines National Bank (PNB) for its technology application and infrastructure operations, maintenance, and support services. Infomina said it expects to extend its full range of services to PNB as it plays a supporting role in its modernisation plans.