OLDTOWN White Coffee brings two new coffees to the table

KUALA LUMPUR: OLDTOWN White Coffee officially introduced two new variants of its products namely ‘OLDTOWN White Coffee Salted Caramel Flavoured’ and a Kopitiam-inspired coffee aptly named ‘OLDTOWN Smooth Roast Less Sugar Kopi’.

Jacobs Douwe Egberts Malaysia (JDE) general manager Fiona Tan said the OLDTOWN brand is steeped in tradition and heritage, but the craft of white coffee will always evolve to cater to modern times and appeal.

“OLDTOWN White Coffee still uses our time-honoured ‘3-bean-blend’ recipe and today we are thrilled to introduce the OLDTOWN White Coffee Salted Caramel Flavoured which adds a buttery, savoury and contemporary dimension to our White Coffee range,

“Smooth Roast Less Sugar Kopi is equally intriguing with its use of microground coffee to recreate the original taste of rich and robust ‘kopitiam kopi’, boasting a thick, velvety layer of crema reminiscent of fresh coffee pulled through a coffee sock,” she said in a statement on Dec 15.

She said the new OLDTOWN White Coffee variants are now available at major grocery retailers across Malaysia and also in OLDTOWN Flagship Store on Shoppee and Lazada.

“In celebration of this new era, OLDTOWN is also giving away complimentary OLDTOWN Trial Packs and 20% discount upon purchase of selected OLDTOWN mixes coffee packs via participating outlets and online stores. Promotion is now available until Dec 31, 2022, while stocks last,” she said.

Furthermore, Tan said OLDTOWN White Coffee is also celebrating its commitment to heritage with a refreshed look for its iconic logo and pack design.

She said every pack of OLDTOWN White Coffee now features an updated illustration of Ipoh from yesteryears that pays homage, not just to the birthplace of white coffee, but to the fact that OLDTOWN White Coffee continues to be produced there today

“In Asia, food and drink is an important part of our heritage and culture. Good food and drink are worth taking the time to make and certainly worth bringing people together to enjoy.

“OLDTOWN has always prided itself on taking the best of local food and drink culture and making it relevant for the present day. Staying true to traditions while keeping up with the times - this is what makes OLDTOWN a true original,” she added. - Bernama