Award-winning healthcare products at Taiwan Expo 2022

PETALING JAYA: Taiwan Excellence award winners JoyCom Bio-Chem Corp Ltd and BioFast Biotech Originality Study Corp Ltd will be exhibiting its healthcare products at the Taiwan Expo 2022 in Kuala Lumpur next month.

JoyCom marketing representative Yu Ting Jia said JoyCom group was established in 2006 and started its business with NewEpi liquid wound dressing, which has been widely used to promote wound healing on surgery, burned and skin grafting patients.

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Yu said NewEpi is certified by the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA). The product promotes wound healing through enhanced healing quality, efficiency, reduces scar and pigmentation, which sets it apart from others in the market.

In terms of the company’s track record in the market, she said that in Taiwan, more than 90% of medical centres have applied NewEpi therapy on various incurable wounds because of its excellent efficacy and extensive indications.

“NewEpi has been widely used on the healing of various surgical, C-section, acute, chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds, obtaining positive feedbacks and gaining its reputations by the major medical institutions. The market share of NewEpi is far ahead of other competitors in the field of wound healing dressings, and it is the top brand when it comes to an active wound dressing,” said Yu.

On the pandemic, she remarked that since its featured product is a medically necessary product, the pandemic had little impact on its business. As the pandemic transitions to the endemic stage in most parts of the world, the company is turning its focus on developing a new drug, which it believes can minimise the danger of complications.

The company opines that the virus infection will cause organ damage. If the tissue cannot be repaired due to infection or complication that has developed, it may lead to another disease, which may prove fatal to patients.

“Our new drug research will prevent complications and reduce Covid-19 mortality. It will take a lot of investment for this project to go well, so if there are other international corporations who are interested in this project, we will be very happy if they cooperate with us,” she said.

On Joycom’s marketing strategy in Malaysia, she said the group is focusing on expanding local medical channels and actively looking for overseas agents or distributors. The group would conduct clinical testing through selected areas, hospitals or physician groups. Once the product has received positive feedback, endorsements by professional medical personnel may accelerate the CE, FDA certification or local license application. Additionally, medical institutions will be utilised as local sales channels.

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Meanwhile, Biofast CEO Chang Chi Erh said the company entered the innovative gels field in 2005, with the purpose of promoting body and skin health. It has developed into a multi-application company with the integration of composite materials and structures, which includes the development of a series of gel amputation sleeves for prostheses-wearing purposes, medical chair pads, deodorant insoles and gel series.

Chang remarked that its featured product Expertgel is an international brand of hand and foot care products which has been sold in Europe, America, Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia and other countries.

“The most important thing is the non-toxic safety of the products. The materials have passed various international safety verifications. The annual R&D investment continues to provide new products,” said Chang.

On its company’s track record in the market, he said Expertgel is currently among the top three foot care brands in Taiwan and is expected to expand its market to Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines this year.

$!Biofast product

Asked on the pandemic, Chang said in response to the new crown epidemic, a series of nano-stereoscopic antibacterial and environmental protection masks have been specially developed which has contributed to its increased overall revenue.

“It is expected to expand the market in Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines this year. Due to the development of the Internet and the change of consumption habits. In Malaysia, we will first sell online. For offline, we will set up a product experience hall to increase the experience of interacting with consumers, then develop the OMO (online merge offline) model,” he said, adding that Biofast is on the hunt for regional exclusive agent in Malaysia.

Taiwan Expo 2022 is jointly organised by Taiwan External Trade Development Council and Taiwan’s Bureau of Foreign Trade, where Taiwan Excellence will showcase 16 award-winning brands encompassing smart living, future education and healthcare solutions.

All are welcome to visit and immerse in Taiwanese culture and offerings with themes ranging from Industry 4.0 & green economy, smart medical, smart agriculture, halal, Taiwan lifestyles, talent, tourism & financial services, including themed pavilions and industry zones.

Taiwan Expo 2022 will be held at Vanity Atrium, Ground Floor, Sunway Velocity Mall from August 2–7, 2022.