PETALING JAYA: UCrest Bhd and MDC Asia Link Bhd have signed a business partnership agreement to digitalise the latter’s dental clinic operations with artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) using the iMedic platform.

MDC Asia Link is the first dental clinic chain in Malaysia, perhaps Asia, that is embarking on the use of AI, IoMT and 3D printing technologies to elevate the standard of care and to provide better healthcare management services to customers.

UCrest chairman Eg Kah Yee said that with iMedic, dentists and health consultants will be able to develop a personalised dental health plan to manage and service customers.

“The AI technologies will be able to diagnose with high precision and predict the development of dental diseases in patients, allowing early preventive measures to be taken,” he said at the signing ceremony today.

iMedic will be used to manage patients using a mobile app that allows tracking of vital signs, biomarkers and lifestyle factors affecting oral health, facilitating management of their dental care plans.

Furthermore, all medical records, including X-ray images, will be uploaded and accessible by patients.

Meanwhile, the machine learning of AI technologies in iMedic will help to analyse and diagnose images.

MDC Asia Link CEO Dr Aslan Bacho said, “We are leading the transformation of dental care services with the use of AI, IOT, 3D printing and digital technologies to provide our customers with the highest level of care and services while improving the clinic operation efficiency.”

He also shared updates on the group’s initial public offering (IPO), stating that the group now plans to carry out a listing exercise by 2026.

Aslan said plans for an IPO have been delayed in order to improve its business model as well as digitisation efforts.

“We are aware only with the clinic itself, without a system, without integrated digitalisation, very difficult to compete with the healthcare industry.

“So hopefully with this, our collaboration will accelerate the process in terms of business model, customer relations, and also the valuation of the company,” he added.

MDC Asia Link, which currently has 25 dental clinics, largely in Klang Valley, is one of the largest dental clinic chains in the country, with special focus on paediatric dental care in addition to its general dentistry and orthodontic services.

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