KUALA LUMPUR: As students dive into the retail industry, Universiti Tuanku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) enriches their learning experience by providing them with the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge from professionals in the sector, through a three-month industrial training programme.

This allows students to apply the skills they learnt in their classrooms in a real-life context, which provides wider room for students to unleash their innovation, creativity and critical thinking.

With the broadening of retail manager responsibilities as well as opportunities, UTAR constantly updates the syllabus of its Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Retail Management programme, to ensure students’ skills and knowledge remains up-to-date and in line with the latest job market requirements.

In response to the rapid advancement of technology, UTAR partnered with the Alibaba Group to provide students the opportunity to participate in the Alibaba Global Digital Talent (GDT) programme, so they can access insights, skills and opportunities in the modern world.

With this initiative, students of the UTAR Retail Management programme have the opportunity to explore the ecosystem of cross-border e-commerce, such as online retailing, digital economy, Internet of Things (IoT) and digital entrepreneurship, further broadening their horizons in the latest Industry Revolution.

Its Faculty of Business and Finance, Department of Marketing head Dr Choy Johnn Yee said: “As Malaysia continues to progress, the growth of the retail industry progresses as well, making retail management an essential skill in ensuring profitability and success. To ensure a brand’s competitiveness in the long term, the management of a marketplace does not only require the basics of business, a retail manager will also need to be equipped with strong skills and knowledge on how to plan and organise their merchandise efficiently.

“Currently, the responsibilities of retail managers are extensive, as they not only have to care for inventory and staff management, but they also have to be well-prepared to meet and exceed customers’ expectations, which could ultimately ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty,” he said.

“UTAR’s Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Retail Management programme puts emphasis on instilling a strong foundation and innovative application. It shapes students to be both analytical and creative in not just the overall management of retailing, but also in many business contexts.

“This is because we want our students to be well-versed in different fundamental areas, which eventually could provide different solutions and perspectives when they progress in their retail careers.

“Aside from the fundamentals, this programme also educates students on specialised areas in the field of retailing, including merchandising, logistics and supply chain management, and customer relationship management,” he added.

UTAR’s Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours) Retail Management programme is a three-year retailing programme that leads to a world of thriving career opportunities in the business field.

Graduates can widen their skills and portfolios by applying to become chartered global management accountants (CGMA), through the three-year CGMA Finance Leadership Program offered by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

The Retail Management Programme by UTAR is also recognised by the Malaysian Association of Company Secretaries, which can put graduates on the path to become a certified company secretary. Some of the many career prospects of Retail Management programme graduates include merchandising manager, marketing manager, senior buyer, store manager and shopping mall manager.

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