TAR UMT option allows students to explore various subject combinations and find best fit

KUALA LUMPUR: When students who have completed their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) are faced with difficult choices on which programme to pursue post SPM, one of the best options would be to consider Foundation studies, simply because it allows them to explore various subjects at Foundation level, and finally choose the particular subjects they are most comfortable with for their degree.

The Foundation programme at Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TAR UMT) is categorised into four areas – arts, science, business and computing – catering to a wide range of disciplines for undergraduate level at TAR UMT in KL.

Although it is a one-year programme, the Foundation studies at TAR UMT are designed to prepare students comprehensively, so they can seamlessly advance into TAR UMT’s bachelor degree programme in the fields of accounting, finance, business, computing, information technology, built environment, engineering and technology, social science and humanities, applied sciences, communication and creative industries.

The Foundation programme also focuses on strengthening the academic skills of students, such as critical thinking, research and problem-solving abilities.

As students delve deeper into the programme, they develop a better understanding of their chosen subject area, enabling them to excel in their future studies.

The Foundation programme at TAR UMT not only focuses on academic development but also nurtures personal growth, so students develop essential skills such as time management, teamwork and independent learning.

These skills are invaluable for success in higher education and also in career growth.

Students will also be actively involved in various co-curricular, sports and recreational activities, to develop essential life and social skills, in addition to improving their interaction with one another.

Wong Jin Xuan, who has completed her Foundation in Computing and is currently pursuing the Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) in Data Science at TAR UMT, said: “Before entering Foundation, I was not well-informed on the theoretical aspects on the fundamentals of computing, like hardware, coding, networking and data management, since the subjects were not taught in secondary school.

“Pursuing the Foundation programme strengthened my understanding in the field of computing and I mastered a lot of practical techniques, which increased my interest in computing,” said Wong.

“While completing assignments during my Foundation year, I gained experience and developed important skills such as critical thinking, creativity, research, communication, presentation as well as reference and citation techniques.”

Another student, Lim Zi Li, shared how the Foundation year proved to be important when she decided to pursue the Bachelor of Banking and Finance (Hons) at TAR UMT.

“I decided to pursue Foundation in Business and Finance because I was still uncertain about my career path after SPM.

At the time, I had no prior knowledge of finance, as I came from a science background in secondary school. I then opted to study Foundation to give myself the flexibility to switch courses if necessary,” said Lim.

“Additionally, the Foundation programme provided me with an introduction to finance, as well as subjects from other fields of study such as accounting, economics and marketing.

“It enabled me to transition smoothly to my degree programme, which specialised in Business and Finance subjects.”

For more information about TAR UMT Foundation programmes, visit the TAR UMT Open Day on May 18 and 19 and May 25 and 26 between 10am and 5pm.

Alternatively, please call 011-1075 8537 or visit www.tarc.edu.my for information about TAR UMT and details on how to apply online for the various financial aid and merit scholarships available for qualified students.