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AS of late, many people have been voicing out their dissatisfaction of being charged a hefty sum when dining in restaurants, especially when it comes to seafood.

A man recently called out a mamak restaurant located in Petaling Jaya for their steep pricing after discovering that he had been charged over RM89 for his meal due to the pricey prawns.

The man who shared the post on Facebook group KL吹水站, now deleted, said that he had ordered rice, a portion of cabbage, fried egg, fried squid, fried chicken and two prawns which totaled to RM89.80, according to the receipt.

$!Facebook group KL吹水站

“The price at a mamak restaurant. Other restaurants are not even this expensive,” he said.

Based on the receipt, it was stated that each prawn was priced at a whooping RM20 each and the man mentioned in his post that one can order a plate of prawns instead of two pieces with that price.

World of Buzz reported of the man saying that this was not his first time eating at the mamak restaurant but his order of seafood was his first ever.

He added that the prawns served did not taste fresh, thus based on that judgement, the restaurant manager refunded him only for the prawns.

“But I went on to file an official complaint because I just can’t accept that a prawn costs RM20.

“I’ve e-mailed the relevant department and filed an official complaint about the pricing,” he explained.