WE have all experienced leaving things behind by accident— whether its a charger, wallet, tablet or even a soft toy!

But if you’re lucky, there are good Samaritans out there to help reunite you with your missing items.

Grateful passenger, Yat Omar recently took to the Malaysia Airlines Facebook group to recall his encounter with the helpful cabin crew who assisted him in retrieving his missing tablet.

He explained that he was almost at the baggage claim area when it dawned upon him that he had accidentally left his tablet on the seat in the flight.

Frantic, he attempted to rush back to the plane in an attempt to retrieve his tablet.

But to his surprise, as he retraced his steps, he encountered several crew members who recognised him from the flight.

All throughout the run back to the plan, he shared that the crew members would helpfully shout, “the tablet is at counter A4”.

And much to his relief, when he arrived at counter A4, he was met by the crew leader, Sharizal and the other ground crew who was actually awaiting Yat’s return.

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According to him, the crew understood Yat’s anxiousness and took the time to talk to him to ease his anxiety about the tablet incident.

“Thank you to all the cabin crew of flight MH2711 (KUL-SDK).

“Thank you for the excellent service provided. As I always love to be with Malaysia Airlines. Thank you so much,” shared the passenger.

The encounter very quickly went viral, with the many Facebook users taking to the comment section to share their pleasant experiences having flown with Malaysia Airlines.

“In the year 2000, I left my camera on the flight from BKI to KUL (A333 9M-MKD). I panicked and was afraid of getting scolded by my father.

“So I only informed him after reaching the exit area. Right after, I went to the lost and found counter, and the camera was already there,” shared Ahmad Azizan.

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