IPOH: Two geosites in the Kinta Valley National Geopark, Gunung Kanthan and Ulu Kinta Eco Forest Park located at Hulu Kinta sub-district face risks of destruction if they do not receive proper attention.

Therefore several environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM), Persatuan Aktivis Sahabat Alam (KUASA), Pertubuhan Alam Sekitar Sejahtera Malaysia (GRASS Malaysia), Green Earth Movement Society, Persatuan Jurupandu Geopark Warisan Alam Semulajadi Perak ( GEONAT), Persatuan Pembela Alam Semulajadi and Samudera Perak (NOAS) and Kinta Valley Watch, have urged the state authorities to intervene in conserving and preserving both geosites.

The spokesman representing the NGOs, Meor Razak Meor Abdul Rahman said both geosites face risk of destruction as they lack attention compared to other geosites in the Kinta Valley national geopark.

“We are worried that the Gunung Kanthan geosite will be destroyed as there is information that the state authorities have extended the land lease of the area last year to a company that produces cement.

“The extension of the land lease is disappointing and goes against the 2020 Ipoh Local Plan,” he said in a statement here.

According to him, in the 2020 Ipoh Local Plan, the Ipoh City Council suggested to state authorities not to approve any more quarrying activities in the local authority’s administration area.

Meor Razak added that the Ulu Kinta Eco Forest Park geosite is now abandoned, disorganised and not utilised according to its function and objective since its establishment over 20 years ago.

“Several existing basic amenities have been abandoned and unmanaged including camping sites, toilets, open halls, wakaf and parking lots. The forest and trees have not been managed, with foreign species having dominated the local ecosystem,” he explained.

Meor Razak said the national geopark recognition could be revoked if no conservation efforts are made by state authorities to maintain the two geosites.

For the record, the Kinta Valley Geopark covers the entire Kinta, Kampar and Batu Gajah districts spanning an estimated 1,952 square kilometres and has 18 geosites located outside areas where quarrying activities are conducted.

The 18 geosites are Gunung Panjang Gua Tambun, Gunung Datok, Gunung Rapat (part of it are geosites such as Kek Lok Tong and Sam Poh Tong), Lata Ulu Chepor, Gunung Kanthan, Gunung Lang, Hutan Lipur Ulu Kinta, Gunung Tasek, Mata Air Panas Lubuk Timah; Gua Naga Mas, Air Terjun Sungai Chelik, Jeram Papan, Gua Kandu, Gua Tempurung, Jeram Sungai Kampar, Air Terjun Sungai Salu, Air Terjun Batu Berangkai and Gunung Korbu.-Bernama

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