Ghostly Airport during MCO

THE Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing movement control order (MCO) have affected daily operations and activities and the aviation industry is no exception.

The KL International Airport (KLIA), the nation’s main airport and once a hive of activity, is now a ‘ghost town’ with hardly any movement of people or activity.

The same goes for most airports in the country following Malaysia’s closure of its borders.

All international flights have been stopped except for official, emergency or cargo purposes.

The flight departure and arrival gates which were often flooded with thousands of travellers are now eerily quiet.

Likewise the drop-off and pick-up points outside the terminal building.

Inside there are rows and rows of empty seats. Most of the restaurants are closed and flight announcements are only heard occasionally.

Although Malaysia has already enforced the conditional movement control order (CMCO) from May 4, which saw some sectors of the economy being reopened, the people are reminded to continue to comply with standard operating procedures and maintain cleanliness, wear face masks and practise social distancing. Photo by Zahid Izzani

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