KANGAR: A total of 48 houses in Perlis were damaged by a storm that occurred last Friday and today, as reported by the State Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (MAIPs) as of 10.48 am today.

MAIPs chief executive officer Mohd Nazim Mohd Noor, said the latest data showed, 37 houses sustained damage in today’s incident, with an additional 11 houses affected by last Friday’s storm

“The majority of the houses suffered roof damage due to strong winds during the storm,” he said in a statement.

Mohd Nazim said minor damages would be eligible for assistance from the Department of Social Welfare (JKM), while cases of major damage would be referred to JKM for support coordinated by MAIPs and relevant agencies.

“As for damage to business premises, owners are advised to report to the Kangar Municipal Council (MPK) to facilitate assistance from agencies such as MAIPs and the related agencies,“ he said.

The storm last Friday occurred around 7 am, while today’s incident took place around 2 am.

Meanwhile, in ALOR SETAR, seven houses in the Kubang Pasu district were destroyed during a storm early today.

Kubang Pasu Malaysian Civil Defence Force (APM) officer Captain Mohd Adenin Suhaimi said in the 2.05am incident, trees were uprooted in several areas including Kampung Kota Si Puteh, Kandis, Pida 2, Teluk Malik, Changkat Setol and Kodiang.

“The storm which lasted for 35 minutes, caused several houses to be hit by fallen trees and blocked traffic,” he said in a statement today.

“Kubang Pasu APM responded promptly after receiving reports at 2:59 am,” he said adding that teams monitored the situation, cleared fallen trees and restored normalcy without the need to open temporary relief centres.