KAPAR: The pilot and co-pilot onboard the light aircraft model BK 160 Gabriel that crashed at Kampung Tok Muda here this afternoon are confirmed dead, said Selangor Police chief Datuk Hussein Omar Khan.

He said that according to the registered flight manifest, the victims were identified as pilot Daniel Yee Hsiang Khoon, 30, and co-pilot Roshaan Singh Raina, 42.

He added that in the 1.45 pm incident, both victims are believed to have been buried in the aircraft cockpit more than two metres deep in the ground in an oil palm plantation area.

Hussein said the victims were believed to be carrying out a recreational flight before the incident occurred.

“Efforts to retrieve the body of the two men are being carried out and expected to be completed at about 10 pm today. Their bodies will be taken to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital (HTAR) in Klang,” he told a media conference at the scene of the crash

He said preliminary investigations found that 45 per cent of the aircraft’s body was buried underground after crashing into the oil palm plantation.

He said that based on their identity cards, the victims hailed from Johor and Penang but are believed to have stayed in Selangor.

Hussein said a total of 150 personnel from various agencies are involved in efforts to retrieve the bodies, with the search for the wreckage being conducted within a 50-metre radius.

“We have difficulties taking the bodies out from the wreckage, which is buried deep in the ground, and have to use a backhoe,” he said.

He added that the incident, however, did not cause any damage to the houses of residents around the area.–Bernama