KANGAR: Water supply to over 40,000 consumer accounts in Arau and Kangar, which was disrupted due to a pump malfunction at the Phase 4 Water Treatment Plant in Kampung Sena, Arau, has been restored.

Syarikat Air Perlis (SAP), posted an update on its official Facebook page last night, saying the repairs to the main switchboard of the water pump have been completed, and the plant is now operating at full capacity.

“With the plant operating at maximum capacity, affected users will begin to experience better water pressure and a gradual increase in supply.

“The restoration of water supply in the affected areas will vary depending on the distance from the water tank and pressure in the distribution system,“ said SAP.

Yesterday, Bernama reported that over 40,000 consumer accounts were affected in the two areas following the malfunction of two pumps at the plant on June 11 due to an electrical fault in the main switchboard.

Perlis Infrastructure and Public Transport Committee chairman, Izizam Ibrahim, was quoted saying that the electrical fault caused two out of three pumps to be affected, leading to the disruption.