SANDAKAN: The public is urged to purchase eggs from supermarkets as they adhere to government-regulated prices, unlike those sold by street vendors, which tend to be more expensive.

Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry (KPDN) Sandakan branch chief enforcement officer Azdy Zukkry John attributed this price disparity to street vendors sourcing eggs independently, sometimes from Tawau.

He noted that since last Monday, the prices of Grade A, B, and C eggs in Sandakan have decreased by 3 sen, now retailing at RM0.48, RM0.47 and RM0.46 per egg respectively. However, street vendors continue to sell them at higher rates.

“Their independent sourcing results in higher egg costs. Consequently, we are carefully considering this issue and exploring solutions for the benefit of both vendors and consumers.

“For now, we recommend consumers to purchase eggs from supermarkets where prices are regulated. Directives to lower egg prices have been communicated through WhatsApp groups and distributed leaflets,“ he told reporters after checking on the egg price reduction here.

Azdy Zukkry said that starting tomorrow, strict measures will be enforced against supermarkets or retailers failing to adhere to the regulated prices for eggs.

“Consumers with complaints regarding errant traders should contact Sandakan KPDN directly through official channels. KPDN will promptly investigate reported cases and take necessary actions,“ he said.

Meanwhile, Sarbiah Bakar, a pastry vendor, highlighted that the reduced egg prices could cut daily expenditure by RM10.

“While prices of other raw materials remain high, the drop in egg prices will help lower ingredient costs. Let’s hope no one exploits this situation by manipulating prices or hoarding,” she added.