PETALING JAYA: A farmer has been remanded for six days following the case of the two brothers who consumed the snacks which were laced in poison, resulting in the death of the three-year-old.

The farmer who was a neighbour to the two boys, was apprehended yesterday afternoon, according to New Straits Times.

The man, known as Am, said that it was almost impossible for the poisoned snacks to be reached by small children as they were tied tightly using a fishing line and hung at a height of more than 1.2m.

“There are only two possibilities, either an adult took it or a monkey did and it fell somewhere,” the farmer was quoted as saying.

He explained that his brother tied five packs of the snacks mixed with rat poison on the farm fence.

“He believes three were taken away by monkeys, one is lost, while the other remains on the fence.”

Am claimed that that rat poison which originated from China was unregistered.

However, it was commonly used by other farmers in the area.

He added that it had become common where unregistered poisons to be sold in shops in Kulim and available online for just RM3 per packet.

Am explained that this type of snack is used due to the brightly coloured packaging and contents which the monkeys would often touch and as result, lick from their fingers.

“We don’t use fruit because we are worried that the cattle we raise might lick or eat the fruit,”he further claimed.