KUALA LUMPUR: The Federal government and the Sabah state government have each received approximately RM23 billion in petroleum revenue payments from 1976 to the first half of 2024, according to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

In a written response published on the Parliament website on Wednesday, the PMO said Petronas has consistently fulfilled all cash payment obligations from petroleum production, based on existing provisions and agreements and in accordance with the Federal government’s instructions.

“Additionally, Sabah has received approximately RM3 billion in sales tax revenue from Petronas, in line with the implementation of Sabah’s sales tax since 2020,“ it said.

The PMO was responding to a question from Datuk Jonathan Yasin (GRS-RANAU) who wanted to know the total petroleum revenue received by the Federal Government and Petronas from Sabah’s oil or offshore resources each year from 1976 to the present.