ARAU: The government will focus on creating new economy to see to the needs of youth entering the working sector in the country, Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Adam Adli Abd Halim said.

He added that most of the feedback from youth throughout the Kembara Jumpa Orang Muda (Kembara JOM) programme so far, including in Perlis today, revolved around job and education opportunities.

“For this edition in Perlis, which is the eighth (Kembara JOM), most of the feedback we got from youth is about jobs, salaries, facilities and education to cater to their needs,” he told reporters after the Perlis Kembara JOM at Arau MARA Junior Science College here today, which was also attended by Perlis Youth Development and Sports Advancement Committee chairman Wan Zikri Afthar Ishak.

He also expressed hope that the Kembara JOM, which is expected to end in September, would bring about a policy that will benefit youth in the country.

Meanwhile, the Youth and Sports Ministry said in a statement today that the Kembara JOM in Perlis was an expression of the MADANI Government’s commitment to strengthen youth development in line with the Malaysia MADANI framework and the MADANI Youth Development Model 2030.

The ministry said that the Kembara JOM programme was the best platform for youth stakeholders as they could obtain feedback and views about the youth leadership transition plan and to boost knowledge and awareness about Youth Societies and Youth Development Act 2007 and the 2019 amendment.

The 2019 amendment to the Youth Societies and Youth Development Act 2007 included reducing the age limit of youth to 30, setting the age limit of youth association leaders or officebearers to 18 to 30 and to limit the terms for youth association leaders to four years.

“The amendment was passed by Parliament in 2019 and will take effect on Jan 1, 2026,” the ministry said.