MAKKAH: Malaysian pilgrims are reminded to always have the bracelets and lanyards given by the Pilgrim Fund Board (TH) for their identification while in the Holy Land to ensure that they can be recognised and assisted in the event of any unforeseen incident.

TH Customer Service Manager in Makkah, Mohamad Zakee Mohd Zaludin said that as of May 9, they have been able to resolve 87 per cent of the 71 complaints lodged by the pilgrims, with most of the cases concerning the loss of the identification items.

“We advise our pilgrims to take good care of their identification items, such as lanyards, badges and bracelets, to not lose them because, in the holy land, these (items) are their identification cards and documents,“ he told media personnel at Tabung Haji Headquarters here.

In addition to the loss of the lanyard, he said the complaints received so far concerned minor matters, like problems at their accommodation such as faulty air conditioners.

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He gave the assurance that the Customer Service Division would help to resolve all complaints lodged by the pilgrims within 24 to 72 hours.

Like during the previous Haj season, he said the TH Team will be on duty round the clock at eight checkpoints or locations around the Grand Mosque to assist and ensure the safety of Malaysian pilgrims.

The checkpoints include at two areas around Marwah, the Assalam gate, the Safwah square, the square area leading to Misfalah and in front of the King Abdullah gate.

According to Mohamad Zakee, in most cases, pilgrims who got lost or lost their way involved the elderly who arrived in the Holy Land for the first time and had never performed the Umrah before.

“That’s why we stationed the TH Patrol Team in eight main areas around the Grand Mosque so that we can see and monitor their movements. For example, for pilgrims performing the first Umrah, we will monitor their movement from one checkpoint to another,” he said.

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Pilgrims with any complaints and information about missing pilgrims can call the TH Hotline on 012-5704433.

Meanwhile, the system of wearing lanyards (with identification badges) of different colours for Malaysian pilgrims according to their place (maktab) of accommodation was introduced in 2017 and continues to be practised for the 1445H/2024 Haj season.

Maktab Operations Director, TH Headquarters in Makkah, Khairoddin Ahmad said the first lanyard, with four colours, is the identification of the accommodation zone for pilgrims who perform the first Umrah upon arriving in Makkah.

It is to facilitate the TH patrol unit at the Grand Mosque to identify the accommodation hotel of the pilgrims should they stray from their group, he said/.

He said another lanyard, involving eight colours, must be worn at all times because it identifies them to their “Maktab” (accommodation),“ he said.

In another development, Khairoddin said TH always considers various factors, including the distance to the mosque as well as facilities for pilgrims with disabilities (PwDs) when selecting hotels for pilgrims to ensure their comfort.

“For pilgrims with disabilities or in wheelchairs, we will try to place them in rooms on the lower floor, or close to the elevator,” he said.