LANGKAWI: Every time there is an airshow at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2023 (LIMA ‘23), visitors are sure to wonder what aircraft are in action in the airspace at that time.

This is where the task of the commentator is needed to convey information to the spectators so that they are not confused and can become more familiar with the aircraft in action. In addition, the commentator’s voice can ‘capture’ the public’s attention.

Captain N.R Dinnesh, 31, who led the commentary team at LIMA ‘23, said that the team consisted of four men and two women, who were on duty throughout the airshow conducted at the 16th edition of LIMA.

He said his team, consisting of Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) officers and personnel, made initial preparations with the pilots involved to discuss their actions.

“The commentator’s main role is likened to a ‘bridge’ to the spectators. We will draw their (spectators’) attention to the aircraft as they enter the main stage so that they do not have to look for where the aircraft are coming from, as well as when the aircraft are in action.

“We will explain what action is being performed, and give examples of how the action will be carried out, at what speed, at what altitude and the formation involved.

“We will explain this to the spectators and the public so that they understand and know what the pilots are doing (during the show),” he told Bernama.

Dinnesh said their performance received a positive response from the Russian and Chinese teams participating in this year’s LIMA, as they successfully explained to the spectators the formations and aircraft the country uses during the air show.

The airshow at LIMA ‘23 became the focus of the audience as the aerobatic teams from Malaysia and five other countries, namely Indonesia, China, South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Russia, demonstrated the formation and high skill of their respective countries’ fighter pilots.

The aircraft which participated in the LIMA ‘23 air show included fighter jets F/A18- AD Hornet, Hawk 108/208, Sukhoi SU30MKM and the C-130H and A400M transport aircraft, as well as the MD530G, EC725AP, EC725, AW139 and AW109 helicopters of the RMAF.

Also included are T-50B (South Korea), SU -35S (Russia), KT -1B Wong Bee (Indonesia), Chengdu J-10 (China) and Aermacchi MB339A (United Arab Emirates).

LIMA ‘23, which began on May 23, will draw down its curtain today.- Bernama