TAMPIN: MADANI Communities are urged to remain proactive in helping the government provide accurate and authentic information to the locals, thus strengthening the spirit of unity among the people.

Deputy Communications Minister Teo Nie Ching said MADANI Communities also serve as an essential machinery for obtaining grassroots feedback, including development needs, to be communicated to the government.

“I hope members can help the government, especially in clarifying issues to the public. For instance, regarding targeted diesel subsidy, some people still don’t understand that our actions are due to a severe leakage problem.

“We need the MADANI Communities to educate and explain these issues. We also need their support to promote various government programmes like today’s event,” she told reporters after officiating at the JIWA MADANI Community programme here.

Teo said that there are currently 1,878 MADANI Communities nationwide, including 108 in Negeri Sembilan, with each receiving an administrative grant of RM3,000 to mobilise the community in terms of administration and supervision.

She explained that the JIWA MADANI Community programme involves on-ground activities and engagement sessions by the Information Department (JaPen) to connect with local communities, disseminate information, policies and government initiatives and offer services based on the Malaysia MADANI concept.

Meanwhile, Teo urged all citizens to continue enlivening this year’s National Day celebration by flying the Jalur Gemilang at every house and premises.

“It is time to enhance the 1 Rumah 1 Jalur Gemilang programme. Fly the flag and if it’s worn out, please replace it because the Jalur Gemilang is our identity as Malaysians,” she said.

She noted that JaPen also organised the ‘Ekspresi Bulan Kebangsaan 2024’ programme on May 19 to fuel patriotic spirit among the community in conjunction with the National Day and Malaysia Day celebrations.