PETALING: A guy who was with his girlfriend in a car crashed the vehicle into the Paya Lebar river in Melaka before ditching the latter after attempting to evade the cops during a chase, last night.

According to New Straits Times, the couple who presumed that they would be caught for ‘khalwat’ (close proximity) took the police in a 14km chase from the Masjid Tanah Forest Reserve area, to Paya Lebar.

In a statement, Alor Gajah police chief Superintendent Ashari Abu Samah said during the incident, the 30-year-old suspect driving the car sped off at 9.30pm when he saw officers in a police mobile patrol vehicle (MPV) conducting crime prevention rounds in the forest reserve area.

“Upon reaching Paya Lebar, the car veeries off the road and went into the river.

“The driver then fled the scene.

“Patrol officers who arrived at the scene searched the vehicle but found no contraband.

“A 26-year-old woman was still in the car, but the victim did not suffer any injuries,“ he was quoted as saying in a statement today.

Police personnel then sent the woman to her relative’s house in Telok Gong, Melaka.

“We have identified the suspect.

“Preliminary investigations found that the man fled because he was afraid of being detained by the police for being alone with his girlfriend in the car.”

Ashari added further investigations revealed that the man has three previous criminal records related to drugs.