BANGKOK: A woman believed to be the Malaysian who was reported missing in Mae Sai District in Chiang Rai province has appeared in three online videos to prove that she is ‘safe and healthy.”

The woman believed to be Chong Sum Yee (pix), a 22-year-old beautician who was last reported seen in Mae Sai district of Chiang Rai province, appeared in three videos with a smiling face.

Media reported that Chong had flown to Chiang Mai on May 29 and travelled about 250 km to the northernmost district of Mae Sai in Chiang Rai province in northern Thailand. The place is close to the neighbouring town of Tachilek in Myanmar, where incidences of human trafficking had been reported previously.

The videos have been posted by a Facebook user named ‘Moe Aye’ in the comment section of a post made by her mother, Chee Choy Wen. All of the videos are believed to have been recorded from another phone.

In two of the videos, the long-haired woman repeatedly stated that she is safe and healthy. She also pleaded to the police to stop bothering the driver who sent her there as he/ her who supposedly knows nothing about her situation.

In a 23-second video, the woman clad in dark-coloured shirt said “Hello. I am currently working here and I am safe. Do not worry about me.”

In a 33-second video, the young woman repeated again that she is fine, healthy, and was not beaten.

“Friends, family members, and netizens, please don’t worry.... Bye, bye. I am going to eat now,” she said in the video where a bowl of food was visible.

In another video, the woman stood at a merchandise counter and made a peace sign gesture.

The videos had sparked a debate among netizens where many expressing doubts and skepticism.

Netizens pointed out that Chong’s uneasy expression as well as pauses when speaking seemed to indicate she was forced to record the videos.

Netizens also questioned why Chong did not call her mother directly instead of posing the videos via an unknown person on Facebook.

Earlier, Thai police said initial investigations found Chong had crossed the border into Tachilek, Myanmar on May 30.

Meanwhile, Chong’s mother, Chee Choy Wen arrived in Mae Sai today.

Accompanied by a translator, Choy Wen met with the police to provide information and documents in the hope of finding her daughter

Meanwhile, local media reported that Choy Wen received a message on the Line app saying “Mom, don’t worry.”

She suspected that the message was written on behalf of her daughter by someone else.

She is currently staying at a hotel in Mae Sai to wait for her daughter’s safe return. - Bernama