KUALA LUMPUR: The public is urged to remain vigilant regarding weather forecasts and alerts issued by the Malaysian Meteorological Department (Met Malaysia) due to the transitional phase of the monsoon from March to May.

Civil Defence Force (APM) chief commissioner Datuk Aminurrahim Mohamed said people should be more cautious as weather changes such as heavy rain and storms can lead to flash floods and landslides.

“Unlike the Northeast Monsoon, weather changes during the monsoon transition occur unexpectedly,” he said in a statement today.

Met Malaysia in a statement said that the country has entered the beginning phase of the monsoon transition on March 29 which will continue until May, bringing heavy rain accompanied by strong winds, potentially causing flash floods, fallen trees and damage to weak structures.

Aminurrahim also said that during the Northeast Monsoon from November to March, a total of 92,534 flood victims were placed in 751 temporary relief centers, while four fatalities were recorded.

Meanwhile, he said 1,416 APM members have been deployed under ‘Op Prihatin’ nationwide since yesterday for the Aidilfitri festive period.

Op Prihatin will be executed in two phases, the initial phase from April 5 to 9 and the subsequent phase from April 12 to 14, he added.

He said their duties include providing advice on civil defence knowledge to the community, services such as dealing with fallen tree incidents, road accidents and minor damage repairs.

“They will be stationed in areas such as rest stops, shopping centres and beaches. They will also be conducting patrols along major state and federal roads,” he said.