MELAKA: Melaka police today picked up their own personnel who is the police vehicle driver involved in a accident with a motorcyclist at Jalan Gangsa-Kesang, Durian Tunggal here early in the morning on the first day of Syawal on April 10.

Melaka police chief Datuk Zainol Samah said the 37-year-old corporal of Durian Tunggal police station was arrested by the Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Division of the Alor Gajah district police headquarters (IPD) at around 9 this morning.

He said the arrest of the policeman was to assist further investigations relating to the accident that caused the death of an 18-year-old motorcyclist.

“The police are still in the process of recording the statement of the member involved after being arrested this morning and preliminary information found that at the time of the incident, the suspect was driving the vehicle alone before some other members arrived at the scene of the incident.

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“The suspect began serving the force since 2006 and was at Alor Gajah IPD since November 2021 and at the time of the incident, the suspect was conducting patrols to prevent illegal racing based on complaints from the public,“ he said in a statement here today.

Commenting further, he said that until now, the police have received six reports related to the accident in addition to three recordings of statement involving witnesses and members of the victim’s family.

He said a preliminary urine screening test on the police officer involved was also conducted and found that the suspect was free of drug abuse.

Zainol said the case was being investigated under Section 41(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987 for dangerous driving to the point of causing death and police would ensure the investigation of the case was carried out transparently and professionally.

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“People with information on the accident are asked to contact the head of Investigation and Traffic Enforcement Division of IPD Alor Gajah at 06-5563222 to assist with further investigations,“ he said.

Yesterday, the media reported that a motorcyclist died while receiving treatment at Melaka Hospital yesterday, after it was believed to have crashed into a police vehicle that was carrying out Op Cegah Lumba Haram in Jalan Gangsa-Kesang, Durian Tunggal on Wednesday.

The victim Mohammad Khairul Basahri, 18, who was riding a Yamaha 135 LC motorcycle died from serious internal injuries besides a broken leg and thigh in the 2.56 am incident.