KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) will launch the RMN 15 to 5 Transformation Program Realignment document during the 2024 Defence Services Asia (DSA) Exhibition in early May.

Navy chief Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Ayob said the document was very important for the RMN to take steps to become a powerful and dynamic force, on par with the more modern navies of foreign countries.

“I believe that if this plan is implemented as planned, RMN will definitely have the capabilities it needs in the future,“ he said in his address in conjunction with RMN’s 90th Anniversary, today.

He said significant changes would also be seen especially through the acquisition of new assets such as the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), Littoral Mission Ship Batch 2 (LMSB2) and Multi Role Support Ship (MRSS) which have long been delayed.

“The acquisition of these assets will undoubtedly strengthen and enhance the frontline defence of the country,“ he added.

Abdul Rahman said that to enhance organisational effectiveness and establish more efficient and relevant governance channels, RMN will reorganise the governance channels of several headquarters, overhaul several units, and establish new units through the RMN Organisational Restructuring 2024, known as Re-org 24.

“This includes the establishment of the RMN Warfare and Doctrine Centre or ‘PUSPED’ to strengthen aspects of warfare and doctrine in the Navy.

“In addition, the results of Re-org 24 will also see the implementation of refinements to the appointments of Other Ranks (LLP) personnel, involving a total of 473 appointments, with 130 of them being various specialty appointments that will be promoted,“ he said.

Meanwhile, Abdul Rahman noted that the changing and increasingly challenging defense landscape demanded the national defence to be equipped accordingly, with the current assets now aging.

“As a maritime nation, Malaysia critically needs a capable navy to protect its territorial sovereignty and maritime interests,“ he said.

Recently, the country was shaken by the heartbreaking tragedy involving two RMN helicopters, namely the AW 139 Maritime Operation Helicopter and the Fennec at the Lumut Naval Base on April 23, which claimed 10 lives.

He said that the tragedy had a profound and significant impact, representing a great loss for TLDM in particular and the country as a whole.

“I am confident and believe that, with their level of competence and extensive experience, the pilots of these two planes must have tried their best to avoid such a catastrophe,“ he said.