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JOHOR BAHRU: Although Ulu Tiram town has seen substantial economic and social development over almost a century, it now requires a ‘rejuvenation’ programme to stay current with ongoing developments.

Fauzi Faizal, a native of Ulu Tiram and a Johor Bahru City Council (MBJB) Tiram zone councillor, said that the programme is crucial to further boosting the town’s economy, tourism draws and security.

“We aim to revitalise Ulu Tiram, transforming it into a modern yet historically rich town, making it safe and attractive for tourists,” he said.

“Like Melaka, which retains its old-town charm while offering numerous attractions, Ulu Tiram has a rich history that can be highlighted by restoring old buildings and beautifying the area with murals,” he told Bernama during an interview at his office.

Fauzi said the ‘rejuvenation’ plan would be submitted to MBJB for implementation by next year.

As part of this initiative, Fauzi highlighted the need to enhance the area’s security by expanding the use of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

These cameras would help in effectively detecting and quickly identifying negative activities and perpetrators, he said.

Ulu Tiram village chief Shazrul Idham Abd Aziz, meanwhile, supported the rejuvenation effort, noting that it is timely given that the settlement, now 97 years old, is home to both local and foreign residents.

“The population here is growing, and rejuvenation will certainly stimulate the local economy while prioritising safety,” he said.

Shazrul Idham said the local industry and manufacturing are key economic drivers for residents and outsiders as well.

He said the rejuvenation programme could reshape Ulu Tiram’s image from a ‘cowboy town’ to a vibrant tourist destination.

Ulu Tiram town was in the news recently following an attack on the Ulu Tiram Police Station, which resulted in the deaths of two policemen and injuries to another.

In response to the incident, Fauzi urged residents to remain calm and trust the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) to manage security effectively.

“Such incidents are rare... I believe in PDRM’s efficiency in ensuring security in the area,” he said.

Checks by Bernama found that local activities in Ulu Tiram were continuing as usual, with residents showing no apparent fear following Friday’s tragic incident.