ARAU: More than 40,000 consumer accounts in Arau and Kangar experienced water supply disruption after the pumps at the Phase 4 Water Treatment Plant in Kampung Sena malfunctioned yesterday due to an electrical fault in the main switchboard.

Perlis Infrastructure and Public Transport Committee chairman, Izizam Ibrahim, stated that the electrical fault affected two out of the three pumps at the plant.

Izizam informed that Syarikat Air Perlis (SAP) has deployed nine water tankers to critical areas and will add more tankers if necessary.

“It is understood that a short circuit occurred. Emergency repair work is being carried out by SAP. Insha-Allah, we will complete it within 48 hours,” he told reporters today.

Meanwhile, SAP corporate manager, Nik Nazreen Yusrie Nik Jusoh, said the pump failure has reduced water production capacity from 100 percent to 30 percent, causing some areas to experience insufficient supply.

“Our technical team has been working hard since yesterday. Today, we identified the cause, and the issue is being resolved. Currently, we are still testing the two affected pumps.

He said water supply would be restored within 48 hours if the problem does not recur.