GUA MUSANG: A woman who was the victim of an accident where she was crushed by logs that fell off a lorry at the Bendahara intersection traffic lights of Jalan Gua Musang-Kuala Krai, here, yesterday, has been sedated after receiving initial treatment at the Gua Musang Hospital.

The victim’s brother, Mohamad Azwa Kamarulzaman, 28, said his sister, Siti Norelyana, 21, has now been transferred to the Raja Perempuan Zainab II Hospital, Kota Bharu, and is under close observation by medical staff.

According to him, Siti Norelyana will undergo surgeries to her spine, hip, ribs, liver, spleen, lungs and gallbladder, which have all sustained severe injuries.

“In addition, my sister’s hip bone is also fractured, and her intestines are in critical condition due to being crushed by the logs.

“My sister was sedated at around 6 pm yesterday, and now the doctors are treating her intestines, which might face complications,” he told Bernama today.

Mohamad Azwa said that although his sister has been sedated, she is showing positive response in her legs and hands.

“She is fighting for her life, her spirit is very strong and the doctors have informed us that she is battling her pain. I am grateful to the public for their prayers and hope everyone continues to pray for her so that she can recover quickly,” he said.

Mohamad Azwa shared that according to plans, Siti Norelyana was supposed to get married in December this year.

Yesterday, a woman narrowly cheated death when the motorcycle she was riding was crushed by several logs that came tumbling from a lorry while she stopped at the traffic lights.

Gua Musang police chief, Supt Sik Choon Foo said the accident was caused when the turn-table of a lorry, laden with logs, snapped when making a turn at the traffic light junction.

Meanwhile, Mohamad Azwa denied that his sister was pregnant as claimed because there was blood in her pants after the incident, adding that she was suffering from internal bleeding due to injuries to her organs.

“Apart from such claims, I also received fake news spread on social media since yesterday that my sister was dead after receiving treatment.

“We are receiving all sorts of messages, including questions of when my sister passed away, place of burial, how old was her pregnancy and the status of the baby. I have stressed that all such reports are not true because my sister is not even married,” he said through his TikToK account.

Mohamad Azwa also urged the individual responsible for such fake news to delete the article or message that was uploaded on social media.

He said the family was already saddened by the tragic accident and would not need such false news that can further stress the emotions of the family members.

Mohamad Azwa said his sister’s blood level was low and that she needed blood as some of her organs had been damaged during the accident.

“The doctor has informed that my sister’s condition is 50-50 and in a critical stage,” he said.