ALOR SETAR: Youth groups need to be more creative and smart in leveraging non-financial resources to drive their associations, ensuring that the funds received have a significant impact even if the amount is minimal, says Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Adam Adli Abdul Halim.

He said that the issue of insufficient association funds was frequently raised during the ministry’s meetings with youth organisations and remained one of the long standing challenges faced by the ministry.

“Based on experience, there are always challenges, especially in covering expenses at the district level; there is always a feeling of insufficiency and a desire for more (funds). The challenge is also how to ensure each expenditure has a high impact with minimal spending.

“So, associations must be creative and make use of every non-financial resource, including human resources, talents, and the access and networks available in their respective districts,“ he told reporters after a dialogue session with youths in conjunction with the ‘Kembara Jumpa Orang Muda (JOM)’ programme here today.

He added that youths could also explore various funding options not only offered by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) but also from other ministries if they were relevant.

“We need to increase awareness and promotion because youths tend to look only to KBS; we need to promote the existence of funds in other ministries as well so they can benefit from them,“ he said.

Meanwhile, Adam Adli mentioned that his ministry had received a lot of positive input throughout the Kembara JOM sessions, which served as a platform for feedback and opinions on the Youth Leadership Transition Plan in the country since its launch in Melaka last February.

“Every input we receive during this journey will be documented and compiled into a complete report... With this approach, we can help youth organisations be more active at the district level and assist in the transition process.

“Youth can also use the Kembara JOM platform to highlight needs in their areas... The input obtained can also guide us in developing future youth programmes and policies,“ he said.

Kembara JOM was launched to enable youth stakeholders to provide feedback and opinions on the draft plan directly to the top leadership of KBS.

This input will be used to finalise the plan, which will drive the implementation of amendments to the Youth Societies and Youth Development Act 2007 (Act 668).