GEORGE TOWN: Despite a declining trend in the water level of Sungai Muda, Kedah, which affects the Sungai Petani and Pinang Tunggal Water Treatment Plants, the water supply in Penang remains unaffected.

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow said the reason for this is the placement of the water extraction pumps by the Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP) deeper downstream, enabling the continuous pumping of water for consumers in the state.

“When the water treatment plants face issues, it doesn’t necessarily impact our extraction points. That’s because the pumps are set at different levels. We’ve placed them deep in the river, ensuring consistent water extraction.

“So, even if the water level decreases, we can still pump enough water for Penang compared to other regions. As of now, we’re able to maintain our water extraction,“ he told reporters after the launch of the 100th edition of iNPENANG here today.

However, he said the state government would continue to monitor Sungai Muda water level, adding that he had previously recommended to the Darul Aman Water Company Sdn Bhd (SADA) to lower the installation level of the water pumps to avoid such problems.

Yesterday, SADA reported that Sungai Muda water level has been steadily decreasing, raising concerns about potential disruptions to water supply in the Kuala Muda district. This decline is attributed to persistent drought conditions, leading to a shortage of raw water supply.

To address this, Kedah Water Resources Board (LSANK) and the Sungai Muda River Basin Management (PLSM) office have boosted the discharge of water from the Beris Dam, raising it from 10 cumecs to 15 cumecs. This measure aims to stabilise the water level of Sungai Muda.