KUALA LUMPUR: Employers nationwide are given until May 31 to voluntarily register and contribute to the Social Security Organisation (Perkeso) before the implementation of Ops Kesan 2024 next month.

Perkeso group chief executive officer Datuk Seri Dr Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed said this would be the last chance for employers to comply with the regulation without being subject to fines, prosecution or interest on late payment of contributions (ILPC).

“Employers who have yet to register and contribute for their employees are urged to do so immediately as social security is the most important aspect for workers.

“This includes both local and foreign workers as well as domestic helpers,” he told a press conference here today.

He said employers can register online through the ASSIST Portal, visit any 54 Perkeso offices nationwide or contact the Perkeso Careline at 1-300-22-8000.

Mohammed Azman further said employers who fail to register their companies and employees can be issued a compound of up to RM5,000 or charged in court.

“Additionally, employers will be charged an ILPC at a rate of six per cent per annum for each day of late contribution payment.

“They may also be charged in court and, if found guilty, could be fined up to RM10,000 or imprisonment for up to two years or both,” he said.

Regarding Ops Kesan 15, which involves 500 Perkeso personnel, he said this is to ensure that all employers who employ at least one worker register their companies and employees under Sections 4 and 5 of the Employees’ Social Security Act 1969 (Act 4) and Section 14 of the Employment Insurance System Act 2017 (Act 800).

He said that based on Ops Kesan 14 statistics, employer non-compliance with Act 4 and Act 800 after the implementation of Amnesty Month was 21.73 per cent compared to 18.95 per cent in the previous year.

Most of these non-compliances involved small-scale employers who have recently started businesses post-pandemic, he added.

Based on statistics until March 31, nearly 1.55 million employers have registered with Perkeso under Act 4, but the number of actively contributing, or at least one contribution within a period of 12 months, is 600,819 employers, while the number of active workers is 9.70 million individuals.

The implementation of Amnesty Month also focuses on disseminating information related to accident prevention in the workplace and promoting the importance of occupational safety and health to all employers, especially those from the small and medium-sized sectors.

This is to enhance employers’ awareness of occupational safety and health, particularly in implementing accident prevention measures for workers in line with Perkeso’s ‘Vision Zero’ strategy.